While you study with us we want to help you to make sure that you obtain the best of the best academic, professional and living experience. This is the reason why we allocate our first days of the programme for immersion into the Thai culture.  During this days we will explain you the do´s and the dont´s while you stay here. Apart from this we like to answer some other extra questions

DO I NEED A LAPTOP? Yes. It is essential to study and follow your courses. 

When will I receive my accommodation assignment? You will receive via email your housing assignment approximately one month to one week before the official program arrival day and after we have received your payment.

When can I move in/when do I have to move out? Move-in and move-out dates are indicated in your acceptance letter from COLBS. If you need to arrive earlier or leave later than those dates, you should not expect to move into the residence early, and it is your responsibility to arrange your own accommodations.

Will receptionist at my residence speak English?  Probably yes although we cannot always guarantee.  

Will I have my own bedroom? Depends on conditions and price.  

Will I have my own bathroom? Depends on conditions and price.

Will my RESIDENCE-APARTMENT have wifi? Depends on the residence. Still, you can purchase your own sim card at a very affordabe price. 

Will you provide me with a wifi connection? Yes in the classess facilities. If you want to get your own sim card this is possible. data packages are quite fast and you can have one from approx 10-15 USD per month.  

How do meals work? Meals are your own responsibility. Still, it is very easy and affordable to eat every day since Thailand is famous for its street food.

What is a typical meal? Vegetables, rice or noodles, chicken pork, fish..  there is a lot of variety of condiments and ingredients in the Thai cuisine. No problem if you do not like spicy, just tell them "mai phet" (not spicy) and most places will accommodate to your needs. Vegetarian? No problem. Muslim avoid pork? No problem. Bangkok is a city for all tastes! 

Are Thai people polite and friendly? Yes. Very friendly and respectful. You will see it by yourself :-)   

What if I have food restrictions? There are plenty of gluten free foods and restaurants with fresh fruits, veggies,etc. 

Will somebody clean or make my room? It is your responsibility to keep your room organized and tidy.  

How does laundry work? You are allowed to do your personal laundry in the building using washing machines or take it to stores. 

Do I need to pack sheets/towels or pillows? Generally not but depends on the residence. 

Do I have to follow any rules in the residence? Yes. As a guest in the building you must follow their house rules. This may include, but is not limited to, not making noise or parties after 10:00 pm. 

Is the residence separated by gender? Generally not.  

Will I have my own set of keys? Yes.

Is there a curfew? No. You may come home late at night as long as you are respectful. 

Can I have friends/family stay with me when they visit? You may not invite guests over (during the day or overnight) without permission from your the residence. The residence is not obliged to host anyone other than the student, including visiting friends and family. A list of suggested hotels for guests can be found in many websites. 

What happens if I break something in the dorm? You are responsible for repairing or replacing any damaged or destroyed object belonging to your host. Colbs declines all responsibility. You must notably respect laws forbidding firearm possession and alcohol and drug consumption.

What is the weather like? Humid and hot. We recomend you to wear short sleeve, avoiding jackets and ties. 

Is there any dressing code to go to class? Yes. Students are expected to dress business casual. Not uniform is imposed. 

Should I pay my accomodation in advance? In case that Colbs Institute manages your accommodation you should pay the whole semester (4 months)  in advance.  

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