To be part of the COLBS INSTITUTE  global community, please be prepared for the following steps:


To begin the process, you will need to submit an online application form and attach all required documents. You can also download our application form here and send it by email to  including all required documents. You can apply here

Admission Interview

After all required documents have been received; we will send you an email requesting an admission interview. It is important that you are reachable by phone / whatsapp / line messenger at this stage. Our interviews generally last for about 30 minutes and are on-site at our facilities or by virtual conference. The interview and is great opportunity to learn more about your motivation for choosing to study at COLBS INSTITUTE , and answer any pending questions about the programme or student life.

Enrolment Payment

You will learn about our admission decision a few days after your interview. If the decision is positive and you are offered a place to study at COLBS INSTITUTE, you will be required to pay the initial enrolment fee to secure your seat and finalize your enrolment at COLBS.  It is important that you pay attention to the payment deadlines described in the acceptance letter as we cannot guarantee your enrolment after the deadlines.  We also invite you to read through our payment, refund, deferral, and student withdrawal policy.

 Student Visa

International students are required to apply for a EdVisa to study in Thailand. It is important that you consult the Thai embassy in your country of residence for information about the procedure. You can also check the official Thai embassies website for more information about visa procedures. COLBS Admission team will be happy to assist you with you with the process.

Arrival at COLBS

Once your enrolment is confirmed and you have the necessary documents to move to Thailand,  you will need to prepare for your move to Chiang Mai to attend your programme at COLBS. It is important that you arrive at the start of the programme and attend the immersion week, which will prepare you for the rest of your programme. 


You can start any of our Bachelor programmes in the Spring or Fall intakes each year. Our start dates are as follows: 1st year Bachelor (L4) starts either in the Fall Semester:  August/September or  Spring Semester in January/February.  

APPLICATIONS DEADLINE.  Admissions process works strictly on a “first-come, first-served basis”. We receive applications all year round and advise that you start your application as early as possible to secure your place at COLBS. Remember that we have limited places available in our programmes.


1. High School Diploma ( or equivalent). 2. Proof of English Proficiency ( IELTS, TOEFL, etc) 3. Statement of Purpose 300 words. 4. Reference letter. 5. Copy of Passport or ID.  

High School Diploma and transcripts for high school graduates. Provisional statement of results for students currently in final year of high school (to be considered for a conditional acceptance). 

For Transfer students only (Study Abroad) – Current Bachelor curriculum, academic transcript and learning outcomes

Others: Proof of English Proficiency, Statement of Purpose, One Reference Letter, Copy of ID/Passport

High School Diploma and Academic Transcripts

As a bachelor’s applicant, you must show successful completion of your secondary education from an accredited secondary school. This should include your high school diploma and last year transcripts including courses taken and grades achieved. There are no prerequisite subjects. Documents must be issued in English language, and bear the stamp and signature of an authorized school official. An official translation will be required for documents issued in any language other than English.

Applicants currently in final year of High School – If you are in your final year of High School, you will be considered for a conditional acceptance and must present your provisional statement of results. Your final transcripts and high school diploma should be submitted before the start date of the programme.

Applicants transferring from another university – If you have started university in another institution and wish to transfer to COLBS or follow the study abroad, you will be required to send your current Bachelor curriculum, transcript and learning outcomes for each subject/module taken in your current institution in addition to your high school diploma and grades. COLBS will evaluate your case individually and inform you of the possibility of credit transfers. COLBS will only accept transfer students with a maximum of 120 UK credits. Transfers to the third and final year of our Bachelor programme will not be possible.

Proof of English Proficiency

You must be fluent in English to fully benefit from our programmes and internship opportunities.

If English is not your native language, we accept internationally recognized certificates such as 
IELTS, or TOEFL as proof of your English proficiency.

If your previous education was conducted in English (at least 3 years), you will need to provide a certificate of studies in English to show your English proficiency.

If you have none of the above English experience / requirements, then you can take the free EnglishScore test provided by the British Council. After successfully completing the test, you will need to send us your official certified British Council certificate. You can get your certificate at any time by following these easy steps:

1.    Download the app for free on Google Play Store or Apple Store (You will need an smartphone phone with a working camera and microphone)
2.    Take a free test in under 40 minutes (Choose Intermediate or Advanced options for IELTS Study).
3.    Get your score immediately (Our minimum requirement is B2 - Upper Intermediate in each section: grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening)
4.    Send us your British Council Global CEFR level Digital PDF certificate including photo identification (Certified Option with photo identification)

Statement of Purpose

Your motivation level will determine your success as a leader. This also applies to your studies at COLBS and your future/current professional career. Your statement of purpose your motivation letter telling us about your background, experience, why you have chosen to apply for the programme, why you consider yourself a good candidate and your future professional goals. Your statement should be at least 300 words in length.

Reference Letter

Someone who is able to comment on your academic/professional performance should write your letter of reference. This can be a professor who has taught you or a current / ex-exployer if you have work experience. The letter should include the referee’s relationship with you, how long they have known you, your abilities, and why they consider you a suitable candidate for the programme. Your reference letter should also include the contact details of your referee.

Copy of National ID/Passport

If you are an EU citizen, you can apply with a valid national ID card.

If you are a non-EU citizen, you must apply with a valid international passport valid for the duration of your programme. You will need to send the copy of the data page of your passport.


To access the Top-Up year (L6 - 3rd year) of the Bachelor programme offered by our partner university in the United Kingdom, you must meet the following admission requirements: BA (Hons) Business Administration awarded by University of Herdfordshire students shouls have passed COLBS L4 & L5 Diploma.


Yes, a Fee of 150 USD  in order to start the application process. The fee is non-refundable and covers the administration expenses. The application process will start once the payment has been made. 


WHAT IF I DO NOT HAVE IELTS-TOEFL? If your previous education was conducted in English (at least 3 years), you will need to provide a certificate of studies in English to show your English proficiency, otherwise you can take our free online English test, it takes 45 min to complete.

WHAT IS THE SYSTEM OF CREDIT TRANSFER? Transferability of courses taken and credits accumulated at other educational institutions will be subject to the following considerations:

a) Profile of the institution from which credits would be transferred

b) Comparability of the course work with that of COLBS

c) Appropriateness of the coursework for the student’s degree programme at COLBS. When all the above mentioned factors have been examined, credit equivalencies will then be evaluated and credits awarded.

Transferral of studies undertaken at COLBS to your home university: Only the home university can decide whether or not a course at COLBS can form part of your degree. To be certain that your university will accept the course or programme you would like to study, you must contact the university where you are currently studying before applying to COLBS. For study abroad students only each course taken at COLBS will be accompanied of a Certificate of Unit Achievement stating the officiial credits obtained.   

DOES COLBS ACCEPTS STUDENTS FROM OTHER UNIVERSITIES? Yes, COLBS does accept transfer students. This possibility is available to students who have already done 1 semester to 1 year at a university of a similar profile and who now wish to continue at COLBS. In this case COLBS will consider accepting transfer credits as part of the degree with a maximum of 120 UK credits.

CAN I STUDY AT COLBS AS AN EXCHANGE STUDENT FOR MORE THAN ONE SEMESTER? Yes. Our exchange programme entails studying at COLBS for one semester or one academic year and then returning to the university of origin.

WHEN ARE INTERVIEWS HELD AND WHAT CAN I EXPECT?  Provided that all documentation is in order, you can expect us to contact you within a week of applying in order to schedule your interview. For international students who are not currently in Thailand,  a virtual interview is arranged. You will be asked questions such as why you want to study at COLBS, why you want to study business, what you know about the degree, and what recent business issues you have read about. No seats or offers are made without an interview.

IS THERE A MINIMUM AGE FOR ACCEPTANCE? Yes, 17 years old made at enrolment time. 

DOES COLBS ACCEPT EXCHANGE STUDENTS? ​COLBS does accept exchange students. Normally, the exchange takes place with COLBS'S   affiliated universities. However, this is not always the case and students should ensure that the exchange university accepts transfer credits obtained at COLBS. 

ARE COPIES OF ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPTS, DIPLOMAS AND OTHER CERTIFICATES ACCEPTED? We accept certified copies of official documents, but originals will be required to be shown at enrollment for COLBS certification, you will keep the original for yourself. Never send to us a document that cannot be replaced. If the original document is not issued in English, enclose an official copy of all educational documents in the original language and a certified copy translated into English.

An official English language translation should: 1. Bear the ink stamp and signature of a translating company official or an authorized university official. 2. Have the stamp and signature on each page and 3. Include a statement of authenticity on the last page. We recomend you to use official translators. 

DO YOU HAVE AN ENTRANCE EXAM? No, we do not. We select applicants on the basis of the application and the interview.


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