STEP 1. Provide to the Embassy with the required documentation and visa application. We will supply you with documentation needed as well to present it to the embassy.   

STEP 2. Obtain from the embassy or consulate Ed visa attached to your passport. 

STEP 3. Prepare your suitcase and go to the airport! 

WHAT Documents can be required to get your EdVisa?

1. An official student visa application form

2. Passport or travel document valid, with a minimum validity period equal to the duration of the stay

3. If a minor arriving alone, permission from parents or legal guardians with confirmation of the entity and planned period of stay.

4. A guarantee of the financial means necessary, for you (and your relatives), to cover the costs of the stay and the return journey to your country

5. Public or private health insurance with an insurance company authorised in Thailand. 

6. A medical certificate stating that you do not suffer from any disease that could have a severe impact on public health in accordance with International Health Regulations.

7. In some countries, and if the applicant is an adult, proof of the absence of a criminal record in countries of residence over the past 5 years, for any conduct considered a criminal offence in Thailand. 

8. Our affiliated local school will issue letter of confirmation after making the Enrolment fee payment confirming registration at Colbs programme.  

9. Evidence of accommodation (provided by us) in Thailand for the period of your studies. 

We recommend that you visit the Thai consulate website in your region as certain consulates may have additional requirements specific to the region.

Notice that these requirements can slightly change country to country. Any questions do not hesitate to ask! send email to 

WHEN SOULD I START WITH THE VISA PROCESS? Student visa processing times vary from country to country and may take as little as two weeks to two months. We recommend that you start the process as early as possible to guarantee your arrival at COLBS before the start date of your programme. You should contact the Thai embassy or consulate in your region for more information about when to start the procedure.

CAN COLBS HELP ME WITH THE VISA APPLICATION PROCESS? COLBS admissions team will provide support with the visa application process whenever necessary, however, you will need to apply for your visa in person at the nearest Thai  consulate in your region. COLBS and its affiliated school collaborate with immigration lawyers to provide professional support. 

HOW LONG DOES THE EDUCATION VISA ALLOWS ME TO STAY IN THAILAND?  Your education visa will be issued for the duration of your studies at COLBS, up to one year maximum. If your programme is shorter and you stay only one semester then up to 5 months. In some special cases your visa can be extended directly in Thailand if you still meet the required conditions and can provide evidence that you have passed the relevant exams and meet the requirements to continue your studies. Every 90 days student will have to sign a renovation of their visa at immigration but no worries, this service will be done by our partner agency and students receives support all the time. 

CAN MY FAMILY COME WITH ME IF I HAVE AN STUDENT VISA? Direct family (spouse, common-law partner, and children under 18s) can also apply for a visa to enter and stay in Thailand for the same duration as your studies at COLBS. To apply for a family visa, you must show financial means to support your family and give strong evidence of your family ties. Family members are not allowed to work and cannot obtain a work permit in Thailand.  It is recomended that for visting the student family members apply for tourist visa or use their visa on arrival 30 days privileges. 

WHAT SHOULD I DO IF MY VISA APPLICATION IS REFUSED? If you have missed the deadline and/or start date of your course, we advise that you defer your studies to the next semester (without paying any additional fee) and resubmit your visa application. The result of your first application will not influence the outcome of your next visa application as long as you fully meet all the requirements for the student visa. 

SHOULD I PAY SOMETHING FOR THE VISA SERVICE? Embassies use to charge a determined fee for issuing visas. Still there are other costs related to the Ed visa, these costs are partially paid by the student and partially included in our academic fees. This fee covers a significant amount of paperwork that our school must deal with and prepare for immigration and embassies to be able to bring students to the country. The student who wishes to stay in Thailand nine months up to one year under a Education Visa (EdVisa) will have to pay the visa service renovation (VSR) only.

WHAT IS THE VISA SERVICE RENOVATION? Even if the students obtains a visa which is valid to stay in Thailand for up to 12 months each 90 days the student will have to renovate and seal his or her visa in immigration. We provide our students with a personalized full service to make really easy. This service has a cost of 8000 THB ( approximately 260 USD) to be paid every 90 days. In general for 1 year of study the visa requires 2 or 3 renovations.         



1. After you have been offcially admitted to the programme we ask you to arrange a unique payment of enrolment fee (one time only). If you request our accommodation service then the payment in advance for the semester must be done as well. 

2. Once payment has been received we proceed with the following bookings:

a) Booking of your accommodation room (in case you enroled under this condition) and

b) Visa process.  During this process we will use copy of your passport and picture and will send them to the Ministry of Education in Thailand confirming your enrolment officially with our Thai partner school Subpanya SLS School which will provide you with a letter of invitation. This process takes usually 3-4 weeks to complete. 

3. Once we have received from the Thai Ministry of Education its validation and invitation letter we will send it to you by DHL or similar.  The letter (written in Thai) must be presented to your embassy together with the rest of the documentation (application, photo, passport, etc.).  Notice that in some cases the embassy could ask extra doumentation as airplane ticket or copy of the accommodation reservation. In this case let us know what they need and we will provide you with the documents needed. 

4. In general you can collect the visa at the embassy or consulate in a 4-5 days. 

5. It is essential to tell the embassy what day you are planning to travel to Thailand. (Your accomodation will start the 1st day of the program). If you are planning to arrive a few days earlier then you should book a place by yourself.  


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