Business and Investments in Asia. New Challenges, New Opportunities



1/1/2017 1 min read

Book publihed by Dr. George Monray, Dean at Colbs Institute.
Today´s globalization is changing the gravity center of Business on a worlwide basis. The classic triangle New York–London–Paris has been substituted by new strategic axis located in emerging nations. Asian countries are changing the dimensions of international trade and investments from a Global perspective. Locations like the Strait of Malacca in Malaysia or APEC will become extremely strategic in trade and commerce for the next 20 years and the most relevant demographic growth will be located in Asian nations. Asia is moving quickly and it does it in the right direction. Governments are facilitating investment processes to local and foreign companies. Not only China and India must be taken into consideration, other new “Challengers” are increasing very rapidly (Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia), which, despite some internal problems like lack of democratic maturity and transparency, show very admirable values in Business activities. Social order, respect, family orientation or hard work are some of these assets. This book offers an “in-depth” analysis of ten Asian nations (China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Laos, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, India and Hong Kong) in order to help western managers and investors to do Business efficiently in this dynamic economic region.