Country patterns and effects on the Ease of Doing Business. A Global study



1/1/2022 1 min read

Dr. George Monray, Dean at Colbs Institute publishes scientific article at IJC.
Abstract: The research collects data from 166 nations and analyses the relationship between the ease of doing business during years 2010-2015 and 13 country factors using an analysis of variance and an estimated size effect with a cloud of data in the analysis of N = 2,324. The results are quite relevant discarding associations in nine factors in total while the independent variables or factors 'income', 'geographical region', 'economic freedom' and 'corruption' show significance at < 0.05 level. The findings explained by the size effect square results, state that up to a 53% of the variations of the ease of doing business levels can be explained by the 'income' and up to a 46% can be explained by the variable 'geographical region', recommending to managers to incorporate these two issues in their analysis when evaluating country attractiveness or ease of doing business.
Keywords: country patterns; doing business; legislations; globalisation; region; income; corruption; economic freedom; analysis of variance; ANOVA; estimated size effect.
DOI: 10.1504/IJC.2018.091478