It is a presentation week in which international students are invited to come to our campus located in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Induction Week will guide you throught our academic programme and will help you to understand our added value academic philosophy. The dates of the Induction Week for next next intake are May 9-13th, 2022.

During this week you can ineract with some of our staff, faculty members, management team and other students. You can learn about our academic philosophy, enjoy our campus and discover the city. During the Induction Week you will attend to sessions and participate in vibrant outdoor activities conecting Business Management with Educational experiences. One intensive week to answer all your questions.

Where will I stay during the Induction Week? You will stay in a shared room at our 1st class Oon Valley Campus with other students like you who are about to start the same academic program at Colbs. This is the perfect time to start making friends and enjoying your time with us!

What are the activities and contents of the week? Check the week plan here


COLBS INSTITUTE is fully aware of the problems that Covid-19 is bringing to nations and potential students worldwide. In order to support potential candidates we have adopted the following initiative:

If you have been admitted into one of our academic programmes (undergraduate 3 years programme or 1 year postgraduate) and you are not 100% sure about enrolling definitively with us, we invite you to visit our campus in our "Induction Week". During this week we will allow you to stay FREE OF CHARGE at our campus in a shared* room. Also, we will reimbourse you 400.00 USD of air tickets of the cost of flying to Thailand! Note that this option is limited to 20 students only

How does it work?


You should confirm your participation in the "Induction Week" by email to (Just send us copy of your passport and copy of the "transfer deposit" of 250.00 USD so we can book a seat for you in the induction week. This deposit is made to reserve a seat for the week. Once you arrive to Chiang Mai and start the Induction Week the former deposit will be refunded to you by our Admissions Dept (either if you finally enroll or not). You can access here to our bank details to transfer the deposit. Important: this deposit will not be refundable in case the student cancels its participation, does not show up or does not obtain entry permit in Thailand. Entering into Thailand is full responsibility of the student, we don´t offer any support at this stage.

It is expected that you stay in Chiang Mai all week long. (5 days). In most cases students enter Thailand using a Tourist Visa ( ask your local Embassy).


After the Induction Week the student finally should decide if he-she wants to start the program with us on May 23rd, 2022. So your decision can be:

2.1. I WANT TO FOLLOW THE PROGRAMME. If your decision is positive and you wish to study with us and stay in Thailand, then you finally enroll in the program and we start preparing your visa permit to stay in the country from Thailand. In most cases students don´t have to leave the country, in other cases maybe they need to leave to prepare visa in their country of origin, in this case, the admission get defferred for the next semester.

If the student can obtain visa from within Thailand (depends on country and conditions) then its starts the program 1-2 weeks later. (Note that depending on your country and travel interests, Immigration Dept. can grant you different kinds of visa. Ex: multiple entry, ed-visa, tourist, etc, ). We expect you to stay in Thailand from May until Nov-December 2022 so we will support** you to obtain an Education or Tourist Visa. All tuition and accommodation payments from this date onwards must be cleared according to the stipulated schedules.

2.2. I DON´T WANT TO FOLLOW THE PROGRAMME. If you wish not to enroll with us, no problem, you just enjoyed a week FREE OF CHARGE in Chiang Mai. We hope you learned useful insights about Business Management and we wish you the best of luck. Thank you for coming!

Students who finally enroll with us at our programmes UNDERGRADUATE DIPLOMA (3 years) , BA,Hons (2+1) or POSTGRADUATE DIP. will receive a refund of 400.00 USD in concept of financial aid to cover flight expenses. Note that undergraduate students will receive this payment during the first semester of year 2 and Postgraduate Dip. students will receive it 2 months before the end of their programme.

This financial aid of 400.00 USD for airline expenses is offered only to candiates who finally decide to study with us enrolling in a long term programme. This endowment does not apply to any other short term programmes offered by Colbs. This financial aid cannot be paid in advance by Colbs.

*Shared rooms host 3-4 people same gender.
** We support students in getting their visas but we are not responsible of visa issuing. Only Thai authorities have the last word. In some cases students prefer to travel abroad for 2-3 days to neighbour countries, renew their visa outside the country and come back again. Ask for more information to

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