• STAGE 1. ACCEPTANCE GRANTED. In case student complies with the entry requirements receives an acceptance letter. This letter states the conditions and dates to start a program.
  • STAGE 2. PROVIDING MISSING DOCUMENTS. Sometimes a non-definitive (conditional acceptance) letter can be issued. This is done in the case that some documents to progress with the application and enrollment process are still needed but they can be on their way. The documents can be corporate letters stating professional experience, copies of transcripts, IELTS test or other required certificates.
  • STAGE 3. COMPLETION OF THE HEPT ENGLISH TEST. After all basic academic qualifications and transcripts have been provided by the student we ask for IELTS certificate. In some cases, students do not have IELTS or do not have enough score to join the desired programme. In this case, accepted students who have alteady proceeded with the payment of the Booking Fee can take our HEPT test free of charge. The HEPT test is taken online after a login code and password have been provided from us. The last part of the HEPT test is a 5-minutes online web conference testing your English speaking skills. All students must provide IELTS or HEPT results with the exception of the following countries: UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand. The completion online of the HEPT test is 1 hour and 40 minutes.
  • STAGE 4: BOOKING FEE PAYMENT. When all documentation is cleared by admissions then the student can proceed to reserve a seat in the program and intake respecting the provided deadlines. After payment is received an invoice is issued and sent by email.
  • STAGE 5: TUITION FEE PAYMENT 1. The first payment must be made according the stipulated deadlines. Note that in most cases the first payment inlcudes examination fees as well. The quantity of the first payment will depend on the chosen payment system (regular, one-time-payment or instalments). After payment is received an invoice is issued and sent by email.
    Note that payments and transfers to our bank accounts without having submitted all documentation do not represent any right to attend to the program. Please, make sure you proceed accordingly and READ CAREFULLY all information provided in our ADMISSIONS section at our website.


This area is ONLY for already accepted students. It is designed to facilitate your enrollment process and it includes different sections to proceed with your enrollment.

1- What should I do after I receive the acceptance letter from Colbs Institute?
You have 30 days max. to accept our offer. You can accept the offer by filling this quick form here
If you do not confirm the acceptance in the link before 30 days we will understand that you are not interested in the program and we will have to cancel your acceptance and offer your seat to another student in the waiting list.
2- I have accepted the offer what should I do next?
You will receive from CIIM Graduate International Management Ltd.Part ( an invoice for the payment of the Booking Fee 500.00 USD, then you must proceed with the payment before the deadline expires. Please make sure you whitelist the former email address or check your spam folder. Bank account details appear in the invoice.
No enrollment is done officially until the school has received this payment. The Bookin Fee payment is included in the tuition fees although is non-refundable if the student finally does not enroll in the program, does not proceed with the stipulated deadlines and payments or does not travel to Thailand.
3-Make sure that you receive emails from Colbs Institute.
Make sure to whitelist the emails and This will avoid our comunications ending as spam. All our communications are done via email.
4-Contact your local Thai Embassy and ask them for the requirements to obtain a MULTIPLE ENTRY TOURIST VISA (METV) for 6 months.
Classes are delivered during 6 months intensively and full time in Thailand.
During the first 15-30 days after acceptance is granted by us, you should contact the Thai Embassy/Consulate in your country of origin so they can let you know the exact documentation you will need to prepare and supply to get your METV-Visa. You can find plenty of information about the process at our website in the "Admissions" Section. We recomend you to READ CAREFULLY as well this section
5-Any questions? chat now with admissions department
We offer you a direct chat service only to accepted students to clarify all your questions. Questions about the program, contents, qualifications, enrollment, traveling, accommodation, visa, etc. Notice that the chat service is operative Mo-Fri 9:00-21:00 h CET time. Most questions receive an instant answer although sometimes it is required to wait for a while due to time zone changes or other reasons.
Whatsapp +34-633934845